1. Microorganisms are very tiny living things that can be seen through a   Microscope.
 2. The types of microorganisms are

 A) Bacteria is very tiny and reproduce very fast. It could found in the water, soil, air and on the  surfaces that we can touch. It exist in different shapes, sizes and colours.

B) Protozoa a subkingdom of unicellular, mostly aerobic, eukaryotic, organism. Sometimes they are called protists. They usually live in water. They are neither plants or animals. They make up the largest numbers of organism in the world.
C) Virus is smallest  microorganisms. It can only be seen using the microscope. Viruses cannot reproduce outside the hostcell, but they cannot be called parasites either.

D) Fungi are saprophytic ( feed on decaying organic matter) and parasitic organism. Fungi includes moulds, rusts, mildews, mushrooms and yeast.